A1CNow® Self Check

World’s first disposable HbA1c system for diabetes sufferers, now available in the UK.


Perfect for Home Use

• Displays results in 5 minutes
• Requires only a small, fingerstick blood sample
• Requires no maintenance
• Can be stored at room temperature
• Is small, compact, and battery-powered
• Is affordable and easy-to-use
• Results You Can Trust



• Administer quarterly A1C tests at home
• Same time travelling back and forth from in-office visits and lab appointments
• Save money on the cost per test.


Package includes:

• 1 patented A1CNow analyzer
• 4 test cartridges
• 4 fingerstick lancets
• 4 blood collectors


HbA1c testing is an established method in the management of diabetes and recognised for its role in disease diagnosis.

• NGSP-certified

• IFCC-traceable

• CE-marked for self-test use

• CLIA-waived